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Meizitang Strong Version

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Meizitang Strong Version is the strong version of Meizitang Botanical Slimming Natural Soft Gel. Original Meizitang Botanical Slimming Natural Soft Gel can effectively burn fat, accelerate metabolism and delay the caducity of your skin.

Based on original Botanical Slimming soft gel, Meizitang Strong Version is also made of traditional Chinese natural herbals and contains 20% more effective ingredients, meantime, it adopts a new generation of sustained-release technology and work for 15 hours in human body, making the user lose weight faster.

Main Ingredients: Xianxian cao-21% , Psyllium Husk-19%,Jobstears-18% , Bamboo Shoot-16% ,Lotus leaf -14% ,Artemisia dracunculua-12%

[Brand Name] MSV
[Color] Green
[Specifications] 650mg x 36 pills/bottle
[Usage & Dosage] 1 capsule / time, 1 time / day
[Suitable age] people above the age of 18 and under 60
[Caution] Not applicable for woman in pregnancy and people with cardiovascular disease and apoplexy etc.
[Valid Period] 24 month
[Storage] Store in cool, dry and dark conditions
[Approval code] KWSZZ(2004)NO. 03-0240
[Producing standard] Q/KL2004-02
[Producer] Kunming Lingcao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
[General Franchiser]: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

by manahel weston
always admire the thin girls wear the hot pant, but I couldn't , no any size I can buy, so I decide to lose weight, this is the purpose that want to own the beautiful body shape, msv give me a good experience about lose weight, I lost 29 lbs last 3 months, cheer this good news, thanks very much.

by Wayne Ford
Effective and safe diet Pills for keeping my shape, I lost 34 lbs in more than 3 months, I can feel the fat buring, the lida on this site is real, try it if you want.

by Fatinha Franco
i got many fake pills for other site, just want to try from this site, fortunately i got the original pills, helped me lost 15 lbs in total, thanks

by Dawn milea
not any pressure to help me lose weight, I lost weight and didn't even have to think about what I have to eat because it suppressed my appetite and actually I really didn't want to eat.

by Arla Tabares
I truly do like this product Meizitang. This is a great product. I'm also feeling more focused. I hope it continues! Love this product!!!!

by Elizabeth mili
if it is the combination of healthy eating and exercise, and the Meizitang just give that extra edge, but either way, I also relied heavily of those who had purchased and tried, and felt this brand was the right choice.

by Deisi Johnson
This helped the appetite, helped my energy level somewhat and I've lost fifteen pounds. I have a ways to go. I have been taking the MSV for a week and 1 day(something actually worked.). Ill waiting for the good news.

I have been taking these Meizitang Strong Version for a little over a month now and i can say they really do work., here comes the summer. The temperature rising, and I sweat a lot .thats annoying.but they told me this is because the fat burning from inside of body. Ok. Ill buy it. and drink more water. I hope they help me lose 45lbs this summer, if they do so, I ll sell it in the future and keep doing business with you guys. Thanks anyway !

by Adrian Moyer
After quite a bit of research, I decided to give Meizitang Strong Version a try. I've been taking 20 days for now, and I've already lost 10 pounds! I don't like taking slimming tea. they are much eaiser for me to use. i have 1 bottle in my bag and office, i can take it no matter when i want to take, so I love the fact that it's gels in bottle. thanks'

by Heather Schurr
I received both of your emails, and want to thank you for your prompt response and help in this matter. I will let you know if I need any more assistance, Thank you,

by Stephanie Daniels
i don't think i can lose all the weight only by msv , but it do me a great favor. i have lost 12lbs already. i reallylike it.

by hadassah Day
I did a lot of research and tried a few supplements, and with these Meizitang Strong Version, i can get good result. they are curbing appetite. but it works a little slow. but it works!!!

by Ashley Gallo
the delivery is fast,i got the package i 6 days. its a litle long , but finally , i received it . the point is they are real pills. thank you.

by Penelope Kendziorski
The recommended usage is 1 pills a day ,but i took 2 for 2 weeks, it is really strong for me. i can feel faster heartbeating. and my mouth is really dry. they works normaland effective.

by Marisol Yang
I really love this MSV, i love all meizitang products.

by Kristen archer
i got them for shipping free, wow. that't really good. some of them got MSV from here too.

by Carmen Lemme
The MSV pills will increase the metabolism. i have dry mouth and a little dizzy. so i drink more water, water is useful. i feel better 3 days later. and i can feel fat is buring after taking msv.Good product.

by Olga Ortiz
There's a change in how I felt with this product, I diet and exercise and that's how I lose my weight gradually, really love it.

by Indre Tello
I want to post useful comment for people going to take this product, i hope this could be helpful no matter you take this pill or other products. I always heard about all kinds of complaints that fat rebound when people stop using the product, i did no rebound with this Meizitang Strong Version, but did rebound with other pills. I checked these 2 products, they almost the same, natural herb ingredients, with same dosage and they give me same good feeling, but i have perfect result with this one, this is all because Tina. Their customer service, i love her ! She give me so many good suggestions of how to take the pill .how to get better result and of course how to avoid rebounding. Body is not our brain, it can’t make the decision itself, we need help it. Just like we do anything step by step, it has the law to make body more acceptable for drugs and medicines.ok lets get to the point, once youreach your goal ,DO NOT stop the pill immediately, some people can lose 30lbs a month, while others may only lose 3 lbs, i need order 1 more pack /bottle based on the quantiy you need, if i want to lose 30lbs in 3 months, then i need 3 boxes ,but you need to order 4 . The other one is used to get your body adapt to the diet habit without pill. if you take 2 pills per day before, then you can only take 1 per day for a week, and then 1 in 2 days for a week, until you finish the last bottle. Trust me. You will get better result. i got stuck after 3 months with super slim .so i order this strong version . they looks the same but this one obviously stronger, i can feel it.

by Sharon Rosenthal
I have tried everything. and this works so good!It has been about a two weeks and I am still going strong! I weigh myself every morning and now down 20 pounds.

by Lisa flores
I am the first to admit that my eating habbits get in the way of my weight loss goals. This pills help regulate my appetite .I am especially driven to keep losing weight with the Christmas comming up and I want to be able to wear shorts and not fee self concious. Hope this can help me lose 30lbs .

by danya aguilar
Down to 199lbs in 3 months. I'm sure these are not a sugar pill, they do something ! I will buy more. I do NOT work for this company or gain anything from this review, I just wanted to help others out.

by Sandra Choi
After reading the reviews it seems that most people are happy with this product so I thought I would give it a try. I didnt expect much and was plesantly supprised. It is helping me lose weight and the price is great! I have tried many products and this works as well as one that I had previously settled on but you get 3 times as much for the money with Meizitang Strong Version.

by Krista Rape
I was happy to see that it really works. A girl that i work with tried this before, we are close and she gave me few pills to try, i just take few so its hard to see the difference on me, but we can see difference from her, because the pills works . So i tried this too, i got the pill on Monday, and i start taking it imediately. And now 3 days passed, i can feel the difference while you can’t tell it. My appetite has been suppressed. Ill tell you more next time.

by Tina DeVall
Fantastic,the best product that I've used before,no bad feelings in stomach,no nausea ,it works like magic!! My second time ordering,thanks

by Margarita Rodriguez
I am a repeat buyer and this is the only product that I have tried that both works and doesn’t give me side effects. I am getting nice encouragement from my friends at work too.

by Crystal Mercado
I lost 50 pounds by using Meizitang Strong Version. I went from 220 pounds to 170 pounds in three months. I feel so much better about myself,

by Jelena Garcia
I started using the Meizitang Strong Version about two months ago and began to see results within the first two weeks. I did correct certain eating habits to help and the weight began to come off. It is a product that I would endorse to anyone wanting to lose weight.

by Magdalena Montes
I was confident that they would work for me because I have had good luck with several herbal supplements. I found that the XXX made me less hungry most of the time and that the fat burn has decreased my hips and waist size. What else you want ? I m satisfy with Meizitang Strong Version.

by Sandra Strotton
Great product. Was never very good at eating healthy meals. With this product I continued to eat the way I was use to and I was still able to lose weight.

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